Flush Door


ELEGANT, ensures that every Flush door that comes out from its most modern manufacturing plant, is made with seasoned timber and selected premium veneers. The process starts with chemically treated and seasoned battens framed to the Block Board Core and bonded with Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin under high temperature and pressure, under cross-bond process. This unique process makes ELEGANT Flush Doors dimensionally stable and ready to use.

ELEGANT, Flush Doors are free from de-lamination, warping, fungus and are termite resistant. ELEGANT also manufactures Film and PC-Coat doors which have unique layers of gloss finish, achieved from special phenolic resin formulations. These doors are highly water resistant and are recommended for wet areas like toilets and baths.

ELEGANT, ensures that Flush Doors are B.I.S certified to doubly ensure their sturdy performance even in extremely humid conditions.




Height : 2050mm

Width : 950mm, 850mm & 650mm

Thickness : 25, 30/32, 35, 38/40mm & 45mm.

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